Plantation View Villa

Terms and Conditions

Property Policies


Check-In: 3:00 PM
Check-Out: 11:00 AM

Cancelation Policy

Please be advised that payments are non-refundable and dates are non-transferable.


Fees are in US Dollars. Transactions will appear on credit card statements as Eagles Base Villa.


We invite you to review the following guidelines to ensure the best use of the facilities and for your optimal comfort.

  1. The property manager will meet you at the villa with the keys.
  2. The gate is operated manually.
  3. Make sure to turn off all appliances once they are not being used.
  4. All Air Condition units are to be turned off when you are leaving the premises. Every room has its own remote. 
  5. Doors and windows are to be kept closed when the Air Conditioning units are on.
  6. The internet code will be given upon arrival.
  7. Access to the pool pump and storage room is limited to staff only. The pool light is on the left side of the wall when facing the pool. Remember to switch off once not in use.
  8. No glass ware is allowed around the pool area.
  9. Garbage is to be placed into plastic bags. The housekeeping staff will remove from the house.
  10. Make sure all doors and windows are locked when you leave the premises.
  11. There is a safe provided on each floor.
  12. . The owner is not responsible for any loss of any valuables that you may have on the premises.
  13. The owner does not accept liability to loss or damage to vehicles in the compound.
  14. Guests are not to displace furniture or fittings. Only the beach towels are allowed to be taken off the Estate when you go to the beach.
  15. There is a washer and dryer available for your use. Please do not overload the washing machine. Load limit is 10lbs. The dryer settings are fixed so just put the time and press start. If you have any questions on how to use, please speak to the house keeping staff.
  16. There is a water cooler at the Villa. Do not move from where it is located. We have provided a full bottle for your stay.Should it finish, it is up to you to replenish.
  17. Guests are not to interfere with the internet boxes. If there is a problem, please notify the staff. 
  18. Guests are not permitted to bring their own speakers onto the premises without prior consent in writing accompanied by payment of the agreed venue fee.
  19. Guests are not to interfere with or reposition the music system. You will be given the link to use the app upon arrival.
  20. Guests are not to interfere with or adjust the televisions. Should an issue arise, please alert the staff and it will be taken care of. The television is operated by remote control. A list of all the various channels can be found on the TV Guide Menu button on the cable remote.You can also access your Netflix Account on the Smart TV’s.
  21. Guests are not to adjust the refrigerator settings. You are asked also not to over stuff the refrigerator and to leave the vents at the back clear.
  22. Climbing of trees is at your own risk. The property owner does not accept any liability resulting from any such incidents/accidents.
  23. No hanging of clothing or towels on railings.
  24. Guests are not allowed to be in the possession of weapons of any sort including cutlasses on the premises.
  25. The use of outdoor pits or fire crackers is not permitted on the premises except for the use of the B-B-Que pit which is provided by the property.
  26. Camping is not permitted on premises without prior expressed permission in writing.
  27. Guests are not allowed to host events at the property without prior consent, written agreement and payment of venue fee.Parties are only allowed on premises by prearranged rental terms in writing.
  28. All produce i.e. fruits, vegetables,provisions, coconuts and free roaming animals (including chickens) are strictly off limits for guests. If you would like access to any of the above, please consult the property manager. 
  29. Guests are asked to be mindful that there might be other guests nearby and to exercise due consideration.
  30. In the event of damage to the property, its furniture or fixtures you are fully liable for the cost to replace or fix where possible the item(s). Keep in mind all of the furniture is custom designed and made exclusively for Eagle’s Base Villa. 
  31. Removal of items from the property is not allowed and will be dealt with in accordance with the law.
  32. Yoga mats are provided at no additional cost. Please advise the property staff if you would like to take them off the premises.
  33. The surf boards, bicycles etc. at various points of the property are not for use of guests.
  34. Illegal substances are not allowed on premises.
  35. Overcrowding or abuse of the property will result in your party being put out of the premises with no reimbursement of rental or damage deposit fee.
  36. Only registered guests are allowed to stay overnight on the property. Should you be found to have excessive guests the fee per person is TTD$300/person/night.
  37. Check in time is 3pm. Check out time is 11am.
  38. If at all possible for earlier check in, guests are advised on the day of arrival. 
  39. Guests are asked to be completely ready for check out at 11am sharp as the inventory needs to be done before your departure as well as there may be incoming guests. Any guests who have overstayed after 11am will be charged an additional night rental.